The present conditions are applicable to each and every intervention by the Law Office Pascal Vanderosieren.

The rates (professional fees and expenses) are invariably discussed in advance with the client, in detail and in a transparent manner. Should such be considered to have happened in an unsatisfactory manner, or not at all, the client shall be expected to submit his complaint in writing prior to the start of the assignment.

If so desired, the agreements can be laid down in a contract that is based on the model contract drawn up by the Association of the Flemish Bars (OVB).

The Law Office reserves the right to request a fee for the provision of its services. In default of payment of the professional fees, and following the dispatch of a notice to pay, the rendering of legal services may be suspended. Both parties shall be entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect by means of a written notice to that effect to the other party.

The professional liability of the Law Office Pascal Vanderosieren shall at all times, even in the case of a grave error, remain limited to payment of the coverage that is provided through the collectively organized professional liability insurance by the Association of the Bar. The Law Office shall not assume any liability for services rendered by third parties to whom recourse is taken in the course of any assignment.

The invoices of the Law Office are payable at its registered address in Overijse within 15 days following receipt. In the event that the client disputes the amount of the invoice, it shall be incumbent on him to lodge his complaint in writing within the same time span, in default whereof the invoice shall be deemed to have been accepted. As of the due date, in good right and de iure and without the need for any further notice of default, an arrears interest equal to the legal interest rate shall be charged, as well as a collection fee of 10% of the principal amount outstanding.

Each and every dispute arising from the execution of the assignment or with respect to the payment of invoices shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Justice of the peace (Vredegerecht) in Zaventem and to the courts of the juridical arrondissement of Brussels. Disputes shall be governed by Belgian law.